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What We Do

Meet The Team

Meet the Team

What We're Saying

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Building Brand Narratives that Inspire Movement

Insight Driven Strategy and Analytics

What a brand is NOT - your product, your logo, your website or your name.
What a brand IS - a promise,  a defining purpose and why you wake up everyday to work. Let us help you find that purpose.

Connected and Optimized Media Approach

NTC is a collaboration. We are a seasoned staff, developing creative, idea-driven media 

approaches for every task, against any segment. We deliver every client a custom POA, leveraging our Connate strategic 

approach to elevate the conversation, delivering a single holistic design with a unique point of view.

Original Content Through an Authentic and Empathetic Lens

Why do marketing messages fail? Because they focus on the business and not the consumer. Why do our marketing messages succeed? Becuase we've learned, when you speak in their Native Tongue, people will listen.

Holistic Innovation that is Translative for Brands

Inspiring movement means we can help you achieve future growth and maintain a relevant product in the market. We love being "in the mix". Let us partner with you to develop new products or maybe find a new approach or simply collaborate to enhance your existing products & processes.

Marissa Nance | Founder
Cynthia Dickson | Media
Candice McFarlane | Creative
Jesse Ruiz | Accounts 
Samantha Huggins | Analytics
Derrial Christon | Talent

At Native Tongue Communications, our mission is to dig beyond the obvious insights and authentically connect our clients to their consumers at the deepest levels. We do this through the lens of diversity. We've built a fluid and collaborative consulting team that brings an unmatched richness of thinking and background to the media, marketing & content solutions we offer.

Native Tongue Communications(NTC) is a first-to-market MWBE certified media-led marketing agency. We were built to help navigate effective audience connectivity in the minority-majority world many of us already live in. Authentic and empathetic conversations are the foundation of our brand narratives, woven from the most trusted of data-driven intersectionality insights. Our multifaceted team operates with an unwavering eye toward delivering on a promise of focused CONTEXT + CONTENT + COMMERCE, simply put, we are your apostles of “Cultural Competency"!

"The Director" Studio | Content
Cris Jocol | Content
Marquida Webster | Content

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